2022 FIM Troy Competition Recap

We are excited to announce that we won the Judges’ Award at the FIM Troy event, which took place April 1-2 at Troy Athens High School. Since our last competition, we streamlined and improved our intake system, improved our climber to be able to get to the traversal bar, and made our shooter smarter and more efficient. We also designed new banners for our pit highlighting important aspects of our team’s efforts in impact, training, and outreach.The Judges’ Award recognizes the team for its’ unique efforts, performance, and dynamics.

We performed very well in our 12 qualification matches, earning a high enough rank to become the #8 alliance captains and select our own alliance partners for the elimination rounds. We selected FRC Team 1250 the Gator Bots, and FRC Team 7769 The Crew. Despite our best efforts, we were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

Our team members were greatly impressed with our performance at the competition. Junior Philip Austin said, “It was great to see the progress we made in between competitions, and the upgraded climber being able to work without incident.” Freshman Jack Fernandes said, “I was impressed with how fast we were able to adjust our climbing mechanism. I had a lot of fun interacting with other teams, and strategizing with a lot of different people.” Sophomore Justin Tran said, “The excitement of cheering on our bot from the stands was a really fun experience for all of the new team members. I’m glad we were able to compete this year and see how cool robotics competitions really are.”

Our success would not have been possible without the help from our team, mentors, and our sponsors, which include: Acorn Industries, AirTool Performance, Our Anonymous Donors, Autokiniton, Brown Jig Grinding, Credit Union One, Dazzle Dental Care, Detroit Catholic Central High School, DTE Energy, Dynamic Machine of Detroit, Exotic Automation & Supply, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Kettering/GMI Alumni Association, KLA, Lorelli & Lorelli Law, Michigan Department of Education, Mitsubishi Electric, Sachse Construction, Stemville, STRATTEC Power Access, Superabrasives, The Baker Group, The FCA Foundation, The Maids of Ann Arbor, and Varsity Lincoln.

2022 FIM Milford Competition

CC Shambots win Entrepreneurship Award at FIM Milford.

Our first competition in almost 3 years was March 11-12, 2022 at FIM Milford. After 3 years without an official event, the team was more than ready to compete again. In this year’s FRC game, Rapid React, two alliances of three teams each compete in each match. The match starts with the robots in a circle around the Hub and have to move and score autonomously. After the 15 second autonomous mode, the drivers take the controller and have to score as many points in 135 seconds as they can by shooting balls into the upper and lower hub. In the last 30 seconds, called Endgame, the robots also can climb a structure similar to monkey bars where climbs to the highest bar in the Hangar for more points.

At our first official in-person competition in 3 years due to the Covid pandemic.

Our robot was designed, built and programmed to specialize in high goal shooting. Around the Hub on the playing field there is reflective tape where our robot reflects a light to line up our trajectory to make shots. At the event, the team developed match strategy, drove the robot, compiled robot performance statistics, scouted the other team’s robots and cheered for our team when we were playing. The pit crew assessed the condition of the robot in the pit and made adjustments to mechanical, electrical and program.

Friday and Saturday morning, teams compete in qualification matches with randomly-formed alliances with other teams. Teams are ranked according to their win/loss record. The elimination matches on Saturday afternoon are followed by the alliance draft with 8 alliances formed. At this event, we allied with Team 7225: The Mechatronic Mustangs and Team 573: The Mech Warriors. While our alliance was eliminated in the quarterfinals, we earned the Entrepreneurship Award for the event and also a Best Pit Award from Team 2834. The Entrepreneurship Award “celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and recognizes a team which has developed a comprehensive business plan in order to define, manage, and achieve the team’s ongoing objectives. This team displays entrepreneurial enthusiasm as well as demonstrates the vital planning and business skills to ensure a self-sustaining program.” Our sucess would not have been possible without the help from our team, mentors, and our sponsors, which include: Acorn Industries, AirTool Performance, Our Anonymous Donors, Autokiniton, Brown Jig Grinding, Credit Union One, Dazzle Dental Care, Detroit Catholic Central High School, DTE Energy, Dynamic Machine of Detroit, Exotic Automation & Supply, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Kettering/GMI Alumni Association, KLA, Lorelli & Lorelli Law, Michigan Department of Education, Mitsubishi Electric, Sachse Construction, Stemville, STRATTEC Power Access, Superabrasives, The Baker Group, The FCA Foundation, The Maids of Ann Arbor, and Varsity Lincoln.

Our 2022 Entrepreneurship Award.

2022 Robot Reveal

March 10, the date of the Milford Week 2 competition, draws near. The Catholic Central Shambots are hard at work finishing our robot for the competition. This Monday, we showcased our robot and its abilities for a crowd of over 75 parents, alumni, and incoming freshmen.

The event began with tours of the individual subteam rooms. Incoming freshmen, parents, and alumni were able to get a glimpse of the inner workings of the CC Shambots. This was followed with a presentation from the team captains, discussing the changes taking place in the team this year. Finally, Team Captain Colin Harris pulled the tarp off of the robot to an excited crowd.

With a gathering of over 75 guests, the robot reveal was a resounding success. The thrill in the room was palpable. Echoing a sentiment shared by many members of the team, Programming Captain David Creen said “The Robot Reveal, in my eyes, was an outstanding event. Seeing the sparks of excitement in the eyes of our guests was truly inspiring.”

This year our mechanical and CAD teams worked together to design a robot that could perform well in every area of the competition. Our current robot is able to shoot into high goals, climb to the middle bar, and maneuver capably. Favoring simplicity and defense, our team decided to use a West Coast Drive to prevent being pushed around by other bots. Our turret is equipped with a device called a LimeLight. It is able to track where the hub goal is, which allows us to shoot the cargo into the goals accurately. This is our first year having both a functional turret and a climber, which allows us to score significantly higher than if we only had one.

The energy from this event inspires our team members to persist in their endeavors, looking forward to the competitions ahead. We hope to continue our success all the way to the World Championship in Houston!

Thank you to all those who came to this amazing event.
Contact us through our email or check us out on Twitter!
Twitter: @ccroboticsteam
Gmail: ccshambots@catholiccentral.net

Celebrating Black History Month

This Black History Month, our CC Robotics Team recognizes the new CEO of FIRST, Chris Moore. We celebrate his accomplishment and support his leadership. We look forward to continuing our FIRST team under his leadership and participating in this year’s competition!

Chris Moore is a great leader, an African-American with over 25 years of experience in leadership positions. He was previously the CEO of the United States Youth Soccer Association, CEO of GENYOUTH, and CEO of Positive Coaching Alliance. He has a fantastic resume in the area of youth activities, and we are excited to see how he can further the FIRST community in outreach, strategy, and engineering.

The CC Shambots team prides ourselves on our brotherhood. To us, the CC family goes beyond race or creed. We are all made in God’s image. It is our duty to make sure that all people are treated with equity, and judged only by the content of their character. Our attitude and mindset shape our futures. Our determination is what truly propels us forward in society; a good mindset and an attitude of gratitude is what earns respect.

Our New Home (2 Years In)

Hello All!

Its been a little while since we have posted on our blog. Three years, to be exact. A lot has happened in those three years, one of those things is our shop. Just before the start of the 2021 season we moved into our own warehouse! We are super excited about all the new opportunities this presents. Some of the new things include a full practice field, milling equipment CNC Router, Knee Mill, Lathe, and Standing Drill Press.

Standing Mill
Practice Field

Welcome Picnic

Our welcome-back potluck picnic is this Wednesday, August 28, 2019 from 5-7pm in the CC cafeteria. We will have registration forms and information for new and returning members, as well as some time to meet and eat.

Parents are asked and encouraged to attend this event.  Team introductions, expectations, and so much information will be covered.  Additionally it is a good time for parents to meet and begin volunteering for various events that occur during the season.
Sign up for a potluck dish here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0E45A9AA2FA20-ccshambots1

Escape Room Team Bonding

Last weekend, 24 members of the CC Shambots did a team bonding activity, an escape room! We had three groups of 8 try 3 different rooms, Cabin in the Woods, St. Agnes’ Asylum, and The Illusionist, and ⅔ of the groups were able to escape! Afterwards, we went to Buddy’s to treat ourselves to some pizza. It was a fun night and one of our Shambots quotes that he “feels more bonded than ever” with his team.