Escape Room Team Bonding

Last weekend, 24 members of the CC Shambots did a team bonding activity, an escape room! We had three groups of 8 try 3 different rooms, Cabin in the Woods, St. Agnes’ Asylum, and The Illusionist, and ⅔ of the groups were able to escape! Afterwards, we went to Buddy’s to treat ourselves to some pizza. It was a fun night and one of our Shambots quotes that he “feels more bonded than ever” with his team.

Tournament #3 November 5, 2016

Our team traveled to tournament #3 of the OCCRA season at Rochester Adams High School on Saturday, November 5th. We competed against the other teams in the Diversity Challenges. Our first match was a boys and girls match with one female and one male driver, along with boys and girls in the pit crew, a sideline coach and a human player. The team used the time in the pit to make mechanical improvements to the robot and a successful point was scored during the match. After a welcome lunch of homemade macaroni and cheese, the adult match began. Mothers and fathers of OCCRA team members participated in all aspects of the adult match. They even scored points! The last match of the Diversity Tournament was the all-girls match. Gina, Lauren, Rachel, Grace, and Aniela (all students at St. Catherine of Siena and the only girls on the team) led the robot in the pit crew and driving team.

It was a success and very fun competition! Go CC Shambots!

Fleece & Thank You

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On October 24th and 25th, the robotics teams at CC created 21 soft and colorful blankets for children experiencing long-term hospital stays. They teamed up with Fleece & Thank You, a charitable organization founded by Catholic Central graduate Nicholas Kristock. The blankets give comfort and hope to ill children.  The robotics team spread out in the cafeteria after school where they learned new cutting and tying skills and as a result of making the blankets were able to make a difference in 21 children’s lives. We took two pieces of fleece and cut the sides into swatches so that we could tie them together into one thick blanket. One fleece was printed with designs of animals, music, flowers, or food. The other fleece was solid so that one side could be printed and the other a single color. Twenty-one full blankets in total, they are very soft and we are going to donate them to the hospital so the children can be happy and cozy.

Other students at CC were curious about what the team was doing with the fleece spread out amongst the cafeteria tables. The robotics team members finished by creating personalized video messages to send to the children in the hospital along with the blankets. To date, the organization has made over 7,000 blankets for patients at Children’s Hospital of Michigan and CS Mott Children’s Hospital. We are proud to support Fleece & Thank You in this worthy cause.