Tournament #3 November 5, 2016

Our team traveled to tournament #3 of the OCCRA season at Rochester Adams High School on Saturday, November 5th. We competed against the other teams in the Diversity Challenges. Our first match was a boys and girls match with one female and one male driver, along with boys and girls in the pit crew, a sideline coach and a human player. The team used the time in the pit to make mechanical improvements to the robot and a successful point was scored during the match. After a welcome lunch of homemade macaroni and cheese, the adult match began. Mothers and fathers of OCCRA team members participated in all aspects of the adult match. They even scored points! The last match of the Diversity Tournament was the all-girls match. Gina, Lauren, Rachel, Grace, and Aniela (all students at St. Catherine of Siena and the only girls on the team) led the robot in the pit crew and driving team.

It was a success and very fun competition! Go CC Shambots!

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