Welcome Picnic

Our welcome-back potluck picnic is this Wednesday, August 28, 2019 from 5-7pm in the CC cafeteria. We will have registration forms and information for new and returning members, as well as some time to meet and eat.

Parents are asked and encouraged to attend this event.  Team introductions, expectations, and so much information will be covered.  Additionally it is a good time for parents to meet and begin volunteering for various events that occur during the season.
Sign up for a potluck dish here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0E45A9AA2FA20-ccshambots1

Week 6 Build Season Update

Week 6 Season Update

Time’s a Ticking! Programming team is working on autonomous program for the robot. This type of program allows the robot to move without a human touching the controls: how cool is that?! Our business team finished the Entrepreneurship Award and contacted K-8 schools and high school teams to tour their robotics workshop. They also brainstormed ideas for the Chairman’s Award Video. Our Safety Captain made a Safety Quiz for the team to take and worked on the Safety Award. Mechanical panicked, panicked a little more, prototyped the shooter, worked on the intake, finished the winch, and finalized the chassis perimeter. Electrical wired stuff, plugged stuff in, worked on battery storage, and covered exposed battery materials.

We have one week left, we can do it!

FIRST Kickoff January 7, 2017

After a long wait, the 2017 FRC Game has finally been revealed! Students, parents, and mentors gathered at Novi High School and learned more about the game: Steamworks! Much to our delights, the game will not involve actual flying. Phew! For more information on the fun and challenging game that Team 5907 will work with, check out the link below!

After the kickoff, the Shambots went to Catholic Central to study the game in depth and start thinking about strategies.

CHECK OUT THE GAME HERE!! FRC 2017: Steamworks!

Tournament #2 October 27, 2016

Last Thursday, the Shambots traveled to Waterford for the 2nd OCCRA tournament of the season. The schedule worked similarly to the previous tournament with 21 total matches, each team competing four times. Members of the team drove, scouted the other teams, queued, worked on the robot in the pit, updated social media pages and so much more! During the tournament, the programming malfunctioned but the team persevered and fixed it on the spot. The arm also did not work as planned, but now the Shambots will work to improve it and make it a more efficient robot arm to lift the balls. Finally, the intake did not work to its potential; however, a new design is being worked on, and the team plans on being more prepared than ever for the Diversity Tournament!

Shambots Visit ABB

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ABB Robotics is an international company that specializes in making construction bots, transportation bots and other work bots. The Shambots visited as a field trip for the team over the summer to learn about ABB, robotics and what lies in the future for careers. The tour began with an orientation of the training area which had safe robot that could be used for training purposes. We were able to see the software that is used to program the robots and how customers are trained to customize their robot programming. The Shambots then headed to the assembly area which is where the robots are built as well as where the robots work. There were many robots set up in production lines just as they will be when they are delivered to their final customer. ABB was gracious to host out team and also provide each attendee with their own model robot. Here is what the team had to say about the visit at ABB:

  • Carl:  “Going on the tour showed me that what I am doing is what people are doing in the workplace.”
  • Grace:  ” I learned a lot about a major automobile manufacturers’ assembly line which ABB makes, plus what our robots do in the real world.”
  • Ryan:  “A great place to learn about the engineering behind assembly lines.”
  • Keaton:  “I learned that engineering is a prestigious job and there are many uses for it.”
  • Jameson:  “The tour really exposed me to the world of professional robotics.”

Thank you ABB!

Robotics Team Hosts Youth Camp

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During the summer of 2016, the CC Robotics team hosted a youth camp for any students age 11-17 who are interested in robotics.


The camp was held at the school for a week in June and introduced students to Vex Robotics. More than 30 campers were introduced to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through the fun of building robots.They built, programmed and wired a basic claw-bot and then competed against each other in scrimmage games. Throughout the week, students gained introductory robotics knowledge with the guidance of CC robotics team coaches and team members. The principles used in this camp directly applied towards the students future involvement in robotics and other technical fields. All campers received a t-shirt and the thrill of building and accomplishing something new.

2016 OCCRA Season

This year of OCCRA the CC Shambots will be playing “Go 4 It” which is similar to a giant robot “Connect Four” game. The robot will have to reach or shoot over 6 feet into a large construct of 7 rows for the 10 inch balls to be scored in and then pull up 4 feet on a 6 foot structure. Our competition season begins on October 22nd with the first event. We will compete in five competitions in October and November with the final event on November 19th. In between competitions we will be refining the robot.