Shambots Visit ABB

This is the excerpt for a featured content post.


ABB Robotics is an international company that specializes in making construction bots, transportation bots and other work bots. The Shambots visited as a field trip for the team over the summer to learn about ABB, robotics and what lies in the future for careers. The tour began with an orientation of the training area which had safe robot that could be used for training purposes. We were able to see the software that is used to program the robots and how customers are trained to customize their robot programming. The Shambots then headed to the assembly area which is where the robots are built as well as where the robots work. There were many robots set up in production lines just as they will be when they are delivered to their final customer. ABB was gracious to host out team and also provide each attendee with their own model robot. Here is what the team had to say about the visit at ABB:

  • Carl:  “Going on the tour showed me that what I am doing is what people are doing in the workplace.”
  • Grace:  ” I learned a lot about a major automobile manufacturers’ assembly line which ABB makes, plus what our robots do in the real world.”
  • Ryan:  “A great place to learn about the engineering behind assembly lines.”
  • Keaton:  “I learned that engineering is a prestigious job and there are many uses for it.”
  • Jameson:  “The tour really exposed me to the world of professional robotics.”

Thank you ABB!

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