2022 Robot Reveal

March 10, the date of the Milford Week 2 competition, draws near. The Catholic Central Shambots are hard at work finishing our robot for the competition. This Monday, we showcased our robot and its abilities for a crowd of over 75 parents, alumni, and incoming freshmen.

The event began with tours of the individual subteam rooms. Incoming freshmen, parents, and alumni were able to get a glimpse of the inner workings of the CC Shambots. This was followed with a presentation from the team captains, discussing the changes taking place in the team this year. Finally, Team Captain Colin Harris pulled the tarp off of the robot to an excited crowd.

With a gathering of over 75 guests, the robot reveal was a resounding success. The thrill in the room was palpable. Echoing a sentiment shared by many members of the team, Programming Captain David Creen said “The Robot Reveal, in my eyes, was an outstanding event. Seeing the sparks of excitement in the eyes of our guests was truly inspiring.”

This year our mechanical and CAD teams worked together to design a robot that could perform well in every area of the competition. Our current robot is able to shoot into high goals, climb to the middle bar, and maneuver capably. Favoring simplicity and defense, our team decided to use a West Coast Drive to prevent being pushed around by other bots. Our turret is equipped with a device called a LimeLight. It is able to track where the hub goal is, which allows us to shoot the cargo into the goals accurately. This is our first year having both a functional turret and a climber, which allows us to score significantly higher than if we only had one.

The energy from this event inspires our team members to persist in their endeavors, looking forward to the competitions ahead. We hope to continue our success all the way to the World Championship in Houston!

Thank you to all those who came to this amazing event.
Contact us through our email or check us out on Twitter!
Twitter: @ccroboticsteam
Gmail: ccshambots@catholiccentral.net

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