The Village Workshop

The Village Workshop is a maker space in downtown Northville that is a sponsor of the CC Shambots. The Village Workshop provides the team members with knowledge through a plethora of classes and training on their equipment. The Village Workshop offers classes to improve the Shambots’ knowledge of how to build the robot. The Shambots use three major spaces at The Village Workshop: the wood shop, machine shop and metal shop. Each of these areas help the Shambots learn how to use both new and old machines along with new techniques. The Village Workshop has been a massive part in helping our CC Shambots improve their ways of building and will continue to help all of our new Shambots. During the six weeks between the OCCRA and FIRST robotics seasons in November and December the team will be participating in many classes to improve our skills.

The Home Depot

After our 2016 season concluded, the team took a trip to Home Depot to give a sponsor presentation. We gave them a basic explanation of how our robot works, what the game was, and how far we made it into the competition. We were also able to do a demo with our bot and point out all the pieces that we got from their store. Big thanks to The Home Depot for supporting our season and robot, we hope to continue our partnership over this year!