Vex #2030

VEX #2030

The Vex Robotics team participates in high school level VEX EDR with competitions taking place from October through February culminating with the Vex Robotics World Championships recently held in Louisville, Kentucky. The CC Shambots are comprised of five or more individual teams of 4-6 team members who build and program a robot to compete during the year on a 12×12 field. More information can be found at this link to the Vex robotics website:  VEX. The team meets in the CC Robotics Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-6 p.m.

2018-2019 Vex Team Members:

Team 2030A

  • Captain Logan Grey
  • Chris Kolhoff
  • Cade Brignon

Team 2030B

  • Captain Andrew Ryan
  • Andrew Fischer
  • Issac Alyas

Team 2030C

  • Jacob Yee
  • Captain Nathan Linenberg
  • Luke Schafer
  • Liam Starrs

Team 2030D

  • Patrick Ryan
  • Captain Aaron McElmeel
  • Jacob Orr