CC Robotics

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The CC Shambots participate in two different types of robotic competitions. The Vex Robotics team participates in high school level VEX EDR with competitions taking place from October through February culminating with the Vex Robotics World Championships recently held in Louisville, Kentucky. The CC Shambots are comprised of five or more individual teams of 4-6 team members who build and program a robot to compete during the year on a 12×12 field. More information can be found at this link to the Vex robotics website:  VEX. The team meets in the CC Robotics Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-6 p.m.

The FIRST Robotics team participates as one team during a competition season that begins with a worldwide kickoff on the first Saturday in January each year. This begins the 45-day build season when the team designs, builds, programs, and practices with a large-scale robot to compete in each year’s game. The team also participates in many other aspects of FIRST robotics, including developing a business plan, meeting with sponsors, doing outreach and community activities, promoting STEM and interest in engineering and science in the school community, developing a safety program, maintaining the website and social media and working toward a variety FIRST robotics awards. The game field is the size of a high school gym. The team competes in 2-3 tournaments in March and April culminating with the Michigan State Championships and World Robotics Championships in April/early May. During the pre-season, the team is trained in all the skills necessary to participate in the build season. The team meets in the CC Robotics Center on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-7 p.m. in the fall and breaks into subteams for the 45-day build season when each subteam meets 1-5 times per week, including Saturdays. More information can be found at this link to the FIRST robotics website:   FIRST,